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Everything written, created, and shared here has one goal, to see God’s glory proclaimed, and there are three ways you can help make that happen:


I can create art and share content all day long, however it is God that works on hearts and lives. Without God moving through what is created, there will be nothing of true value done here. So would you commit to writing down CLA in your prayer journal and ask for God to do what only he can? Pray for God’s movement here to cause real change in people’s lives through what is shared!

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One of the simplest ways to support CLA’s mission is sharing the site’s content. Did a piece of art resonate with you or encourage you, or did you connect with an article? Sharing that content through your social media accounts is a great way to help it reach others!

Financial Investment

The last way to help support CLA is through a financial investment. There are two ways you can financially back the mission.

  • Purchasing Artwork - the first way to invest in CLA is by purchasing some of my artwork. You can find all the artwork available for purchase at my online store at Etsy.

  • Monthly Support - the second way is by becoming a patron of CLA. Patreon.com is a service that seeks to connect creatives with people who are willing to support and back their projects, simply because they believe in their work and want to help them keep creating. I have several tiers of support available, starting at $1 a month, each with their own benefits for the patrons. These benefits include things like discounts at my shop, insider information, free prints, and more! Find the details and create your Patreon account here.

Thank you for being here on the site. I love creating to proclaim God’s glory, so I hope and pray that the things you have seen and read have been a blessing to you! May the grace of God go with you and before you everywhere you go.