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Often we hear a lot of things about justification or glorification, but not a lot on sanctification. Consider these five practical truths on how we are changed and become more like Christ.

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A Question For Your Children

Will I be excited one day to sit with my grown children, and see them living a life that matches mine right now? Will I be excited to see them share my thoughts and affections about God, his word, and his people? When it comes to my kids, what are they seeing in me? Someone who genuinely loves Jesus, or someone who just says a lot of things but then acts differently? So I did something a little risky at lunch. I asked my kids this question:

“Do you guys think I really love Jesus?”

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Suffer With Christ

Where do children want to suffer? When they are in pain, who do they want to be with? If your home is anything like mine, they come running for the closest parent. But what about when you are the one in pain? When you are suffering under the trials of this world, who do you suffer with? Where do you want to be and who do you go to? I hope it is with Christ.

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Batteries Not Included

Christmas does not meet our heart’s need for decor, gifts, family time, or brotherly love and charity, because those things are not what our hearts need. Those tokens of Christmas are like toys without batteries, powerless to fulfill their promises of happiness. However, the true joy of Christmas is that God came down from heaven to meet our heart’s deepest and despirate need.

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