A Question For Your Children

There were several things that stood out to me this morning in worship. As I have thought about it, I have found them all revolving around one question that was asked.

“If my kids grow up to love Jesus as much as I do, will I be satisfied?”

Will I be excited one day to sit with my grown children, and see them living a life that matches mine right now? Will I be excited to see them share my thoughts and affections about God, his word, and his people? Will they see the world around them through the lens of the Bible, or the culture? It can be a difficult question to ask, but it can be an even more difficult one to answer with honesty.

This morning at church we looked at Mark 14:32-51, and we looked at how Christ loves us through our carless declarations, our casual devotion, and our carnal decisions. It was mentioned about how much we often think better of ourselves than we really are. How Christ’s disciples were ready to die for him, making bold promises, but then falling asleep in the garden and then running for their lives at the sign of trouble.

This all got me thinking about my life and how my kids observe it. What are they seeing? Someone who genuinely loves Jesus, or someone who just says a lot of things but then acts differently? So I did something a little risky at lunch. I asked my kids this question:

“Do you guys think I really love Jesus?”

I wasn’t sure what they were going to say, and my son was quick to answer, “yes and no.” He went on to tell me that knows I do because I sing and pay attention at church and I read my bible. My daughter said she knows I do because I do bible studies with them and pray. That was good to hear, but then came the other side.

My son started to tell me that I act like I don’t love Jesus when I get frustrated or yell. He went on to say that in those times, I’m getting off track and losing my way. He said I need to refocus and get back on track. I’m so thankful for this 7 year old boy and how God has used him many times in my life.

I’m also thankful, even more so, that we have a God who can get us back on track! It was good to be reminded this morning of Peter’s failures, and how God restored this broken fishermen, and used him in miraculous ways. God wasn’t finished with Peter that night in the garden, and he is not finished with me today! I hope one day to hear my kids say that they know I love Jesus, because they see God’s transforming work of patience in my life.