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I’m trilled to feature the artwork of Simon Davis with Ascending Artz! I got connected with Simon through the Christian artist community on Instagram. He has greatly encouraged me as we share similarities in our stories of feeling called to proclaim Christ through art. Of his journey, he says, “I realized that as Christians, we are not meant to pursue what we feel/think we would like to do, but seek out and discover what God has already prepared for us to do. …as I sought God's plan for my life wholeheartedly, He began to lead me to develop art which incorporated my faith and beliefs.” I hope you enjoy his work, Fire - Wind - Witness and his thoughts behind it. I also have some of his other works to view below.

Based on the scripture Acts 2:3, this piece was created not only to commemorate the day of Pentecost; but also as a gift that could be given to remind believers everywhere of the awesome power that is available to us, in order to help us live out the Christian life and be true witnesses of Jesus in this world.

Jesus was very specific in His instruction to believers; to wait for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit before embarking upon the great commission (Acts 1:4-5). Jesus Himself was anointed with the Holy Spirit before He began His earthly ministry. This is just as relevant today, as it was then. I believe as Christians we should celebrate the baptism of The Holy Spirit as much as we do Water Baptism.


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Simon lives in South Staffordshire England and has 20 years experience as a professional illustrator. His versatility enables him to work in a variety of mediums to create Christian themed art.

Guest ArtistSimon Davis