The Bible


The Bible alone, in its entirety and original autographs, is the infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word of God. It is divine revelation given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to be written by men.

Within it we find the complete testimony from God concerning himself, what he has done, what he will do, who we are, what is expected of us, and how we are to find joyful fellowship with God.




There is one true God. He is holy, eternal, unchangeable, and all powerful. He is perfect in all he does and is the source of truth, wisdom, justice, mercy, and goodness. God is fully omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, and has no need or insufficiency.

God is also triune. There is one God who eternally exists as three distinct Persons. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.




Man was created by God, in God's image, male and female, with the purpose of proclaiming the glory of God as he enjoyed perfect fellowship with and complete satisfaction in God. However, man chose to reject God. Adam is the head of man and by his sin has broken man's fellowship with God. Because of this every person after Adam is born with a nature that is bent toward rebellion against God and is by nature under God's wrath. Man is hopeless in this state without the intervention of God.




All that we see in the heavens and the earth are created to proclaim God's glory, his power, and his divine nature so that all mankind is without excuse to know their creator.

Also, marriage and the family was designed by God in his creation. He created two genders for the purpose of uniting together in marriage, one man and one woman, having children, and establishing the family as the basic building block of society.




Salvation is fully a work of God’s grace, found only in Jesus Christ, to bring a person from spiritual death to spiritual life. It is freeing a person from the just penalty of God's wrath against their sin to becoming adopted as his child. This gift of grace is offered openly to all who will repent of their sin to willingly and joyfully submit themselves to God. This is done by faith in what Jesus Christ has done for us:

  • That he lived a sinless life that we could not live.

  • That he endured God’s wrath in our place on the cross.

  • Then rose again to conquer sin and death.

Salvation is the redemption and transformation of an entire person and an entire life. In salvation a person is:

  • Regenerated - This is the work of Christ in our new birth. To bring what was spiritually dead alive. This includes a conviction of sin that leads to repentance as well as faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

  • Justified - This is the work of Christ to free us from the penalty of sin. To take our sin from us in exchange for his perfect and sinless life. We are made sinless by his work and are restored into a right relationship with God.

  • Sanctified - This is the work of Christ to free us from the power of sin. To give us victory over our struggles and sinful desires as we grow more into the likeness of Christ.

  • Glorified - This is the work of Christ to free us from the presence of sin. That in Christ’s return he will restore us to be with him forever to both never sin again, nor experience the effects of it, for all eternity.

All four of these works of grace are experienced in the life of someone who is saved by God.


Heaven & Hell


Jesus will return again to set up an eternal kingdom where those who have been saved will be raised and given new physical bodies to spend all eternity with God in perfect fellowship with him and others. This eternal life will be spent fully knowing, loving, enjoying and glorifying God.

Upon the return of Jesus, he will also judge those who have not repented of their sin and trusted in him for salvation. These will also be raised and given new physical bodies, however they will be cast away from God and will suffer for eternity in a real physical hell.