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Behold His Glory

God began his creation by speaking into the empty void. There was simply nothing, then God spoke and light emerged. That was the same thing God did in my soul. He brought light out of darkness, and I was then able to look upon his glory!

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A Question Worth Asking

The question you must wrestle with is not if God is here for you or for your enemies, because he will always be for himself. Rather the question is are you for him, or are you his enemy? Matthew 12:30 says that if we are not for him, for his glory, for his name, then we are against him.

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God Killed Me

Seeing ourselves under God’s wrath is the only way we can start to see Christ as more desirable than ourselves. Then we can desire to be crucified with him, buried with him, to be raised to new life with him. We then see the reward of dying to ourselves is in-fact God Himself!

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