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He is at work and nothing will stop him from accomplishing that work. Not only will nothing stop him, but he will use everything in our life, good and bad, to see that his plan for us to be conformed into the image of Christ is completed.

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Behold His Glory

God began his creation by speaking into the empty void. There was simply nothing, then God spoke and light emerged. That was the same thing God did in my soul. He brought light out of darkness, and I was then able to look upon his glory!

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The Pathway

The pathway within the parable of the sower represents the hard heart of the willful rejector of Christ. This is the person who does not understand or offer any acceptance to the things of God, nor does he seek or desire to. The seed of the gospel bounces off of him for the birds to come and devour. While it may seem like a grim condition, it is not hopeless! God is the one who can scatter the birds and break up the hard ground. 

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