Be Still


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Be still, and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

When trouble or adversity hits, being still is usually not how we think to respond. It is usually a flood of emotion that creates everything but stillness in our hearts and lives. We run about with confusion, anxiety, distress, and out right panic at times.

When things come that seek to send us running into chaos, we need to take a moment to find stillness. In our souls we need to find the peace that passes all understanding. But how do we do that? By knowing.

By knowing that we have a God that is not surprised by our situation. He is not surprised by our reaction. He is not surprised by the trail we are facing. He is, however, within it with us. Still loving us, still working for our good and his glory, and still in control.

So the fight for stillness, is the fight to know and believe that God is who he has said he is. The more you know him, the more stillness you will find.


You can purchase handmade prints of this card with envelopes as either a single card or a pack of five from my Etsy shop. They are blank inside for you to use to send a personal note of encouragement to those in your life who need it.

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